Monday, May 12, 2008

Make Money With Writing Articles

Asif Khalil

Let's look at five easy articles types you can write:

1. The Teaching article: how to do something
You're an expert at many things. If you're a cook, you know how to bake a roast; if you're a dieter, you know how to cut calories; if you're a dog owner, you know how to keep your pet healthy.

The How-to article tells people how to do a simple task, and you can write these quickly from your own experience.

2. You bought it, now Review it - write review articles
Bought a book? Or a CD or DVD? Everything you buy gives you a new article topic. Review the movie you saw last week, and you've got an article which took you little time to write.

3. Self-help and motivational articles are fun to write
There's a huge self-help industry, and many self-help sites are eager for your motivational articles. Share with others how you lost weight, or increased your productivity, or conquered an addiction.

4. Tip lists: everyone loves Top Ten lists
I can't resist list articles. They're easy to read, and I always find a nugget of information I can use. When you're writing articles, list articles are a snap to write. You can make your list articles as long or as short as you like; you're not restricted to "top ten" lists.

5. "Survivor" articles show others how to survive challenges
What challenges have you had in the past week? Perhaps you locked yourself out of your car, or your house. Or perhaps you had to cook dinner for 20 people. Whatever challenges you've had, others have similar challenges.

For your personal experience article, simply describe your challenge, and how you solved that challenge.