Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to Fast-Write a Book and Get Rich Doing It!

By Roice Krueger

Are you ready to become the writer you want to be, the writer you were born to be, the writer you need to be if others are ever to know what you know? It is our hope that you will become inspired by the strategies we have shared and start writing a book that only you can write.

So how can you fast-write a book? The answer is that there are multiple ways. You can write it yourself. You can have it ghostwritten. You can coauthor it. You can dictate it. You can interview your way to a book.

Writing Yourself
Before you write a book, have a soul-storming session with yourself, friends or Mastermind group and write out as many titles as you can. Include areas of interest you’d like to write about. Plan to review and add to this list regularly.

Write what you know. Surely you have a signature story that you frequently tell to the delight of listeners. Use that to get your mental juices flowing. Don’t try to be perfect. Remember, nobody ever publishes their first draft!

You don’t have to sit down and write a book today or tomorrow. Take it one step, or sentence, at a time. Write a little each day and watch your book develop.

Hiring a Ghostwriter
Almost all celebrities and people of fame have ghostwriters who interview them and do the “heavy lifting” for them in writing their books. Inexpensive ghostwriters can be found in a multitude of places. For instance, ask other authors if they know great ghostwriters, every English department head will cheerfully tell you who the students are with great talent and promise, and, in Hollywood, the Screen Writers Guild is loaded and overflowing with talented writers who are hungry for work.

Sample their work before you sign a contract. Many are superb, we are told. You dictate what you want written; and they write it, research it, and finish it for you.

Co-Authorship is Wonderfully Beneficial
Co-authorship is another way to get your book out of you and do it fast! It keeps you dedicated to your writing, publishing, and marketing assignments, because you don’t want to let down your colleagues, friends, co-authors and future readers. As a result of our co-authorship partnership, we wrote 100 books in 95 days, a feat that has never been achieved in the publishing industry anywhere on earth, and we had a tremendous amount of fund doing it!

Dictate Your Book
Many would-be great writers don’t have the desire to physically write, type, or compute, yet they could master the fine art of dictation. Again, you can hire a great assistant to transcribe and perfect your dictation.

The software from Nuance is called Dragon NaturallySpeaking and claims to have 99% accuracy after training. Alternatively, you could use (very inexpensive); and send your dictated files from your computer to theirs in India. Or call your dictation in daily by phone over for free.

The possibilities for how to do it obviously keep expanding as an increasingly literate world becomes hungry for information, insight, and wisdom.

You Could Interview Experts and Put Their Thinking into Your Books
Interviewing experts is another way to fast-write a book. This is what Napoleon Hill did to write a book called Think and Grow Rich. It has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. (It is becoming a major motion picture directed by Martin Dunkerton, and it will feature Mark Victor Hansen.)

You can interview the leaders of any field and turn it instantly into money-making books, CDs, videos, movies, documentaries, or whatever. As Hill’s title says, “Think! And grow rich!”

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